Traceroute gateways

Traceroute gateways

I've collected a small list of traceroute gateways that live in various places. If you know of any others, please send me email.

For the purposes of this table, "Backbone" refers to the closest multi-homed provider to the site.

This list is under construction. Which means I may fix it up and fill in the blanks, or I may not. :-/

Name Country Uplink Backbone
Club Traceroute Russia
DIGEX - MAE-East++ Looking Glass USA Digex Digex
Carnegie Mellon University USA MCI MCI
Interlog Internet Services Canada UUNET Canada Alternet
SpeedyWeb USA Agis Agis
Internet Global USA Sprintlink Sprint
Puerto Rico Internet Corp Puerto Rico Sprint International Sprint kr
University of Richmond USA Digex Digex
SmartCOMM USA Agis Agis
Instito di Fisica Cosmica Italy Teleglobe
Magicbox Incorporated USA MCI MCI
NTRnet Systems USA UUNET Technologies Alternet
University of Wisconsin USA NAP.NET NAP.NET

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